Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Branch with hearts - application of paper

The children liked to do these beautiful original hand.

Such creativity can offer, even kids.

If you do not want to use dry twigs as a basis, then let it be pendant to decorate the interior.

You will need
• Colored paper, preferably a bellows
• PVA glue and brush
• sequins or shiny paint
• Scissors
• Tape
• Branch

What we do
1. Cut or tear off strips of colored paper and paste them on heavy paper.
2. Add a few brilliant strokes of paint or glue sequins.
3. Cut out paper patterns from hearts or flowers.
4. Attach hearts or flowers on the twig or string on the tape. At the branch lays down as follows: spread glue inside of the two blanks, attach a twig inside.

This application looks great in the vase, or glued on thick cardboard, inserted in the frame.

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